• Lexi Paganelli

Deciding to Walk with Him

This blog is to strengthen your faith and inspire you to create a relationship with the one who created you. Each post is from personal experience. My goal here is to get you to be in a different place with yourself and with Jesus. I want to start out by saying that life is never going to be easy once you start your spiritual journey, it’s actually very hard. The reason why it’s difficult to walk on the path to salvation is because that’s how it’s suppose to be in order to get to God. He doesn’t just hand you that job or give you that car you’ve been wanting. There are trials and tribulations you will go through but the reason for them is to strengthen your faith; he wants you to turn to him. In the good and the bad, he wants you to come to him first. Faith is the belief in something that you cannot see, but knowing it’s there. I hope these posts help you on your bad days and make your good days even better.


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